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Winter Weather: Fact or Myth?

Winter Weather: Separating the Facts from the Myths

When it comes to cold weather, there are a lot of obvious facts, but there are also a lot of not so obvious myths. Let’s take a look at which ones are actually true and which ones are false.  You might be surprised at what you thought you knew!


Many parents bundle up their kids during cold weather and tell them they have to keep warm or they’ll get a cold. The truth is that even though being out in the cold can cause it’s own set of hazards, it can’t cause you to get sick.  Colds come from viruses, not from simply being subjected to cold weather conditions.


Wearing a hat definitely helps to keep you warm, but it won’t prevent your body from losing heat. The simple fact is that any uncovered part of your body will lose heat faster. Many people believe that wearing a hat can help prevent heat loss throughout their entire  body, but this isn’t true. It only helps the area covered by the hat.


Do you think that you are more susceptible to dehydration in the cold or in the heat? Many people believe that since they sweat less when it’s colder out that they cannot become dehydrated. The fact is that in addition to sweat, you actually lose more water through your breath when it is cold outside.


Drinking a cup of coffee does not keep your body warm. In fact, caffeine makes it more difficult for your body to produce heat. Choose non-caffeinated warm drinks when heading out in the cold.


This is an interesting one. Did you know that what you eat controls how much body heat you can produce?  Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids, especially fish, have blood-thinning effects. This relieves narrow blood vessels and actually keeps you warmer!

Snowiest City

I’m sure everyone that lives in areas prone to winter weather snowfall thinks they may live in the snowiest city ever at some point or another, but unless you live in Aomori City in northern Japan, you are wrong. On average, the city gets a whopping 26 feet of snow every year!

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