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The Science Behind Building the Perfect Snowman

Building a snowman is fun for the entire family, but did you know that not all snow is the same when it comes to the perfect snowman? Along with knowing the best snow to use, there are building techniques that can help you create your best snowman ever!

Snow and Temperatures

The temperature outside is crucial to building a great snowman. If temperatures are too high, the snow will be weaker due to being wet. If the snow is too dry and cold, forming a solid snowball can be extremely tricky as it will be too powdery.

You need quite a bit of quality snow to make a single snowman so choosing the right time to build one will include having enough snow on the ground on top of temperatures that are necessary to form the different parts of the snowman. When the time is right, consider these tips for building the perfect snowman!

Snowman Building Tips

The first and possibly most crucial part of the snowman build is the selection of the area where the snowman will live. Constructing the snowman on a flat surface is best and you should avoid the bases of hills if you will be sledding down them! The last thing you want is to get Mr. or Mrs. Snowman built only to run through it with your sled. Or maybe not – I suppose that could be fun!

You should also avoid windy areas to help keep your snowman intact, and if possible, opt for shadier areas to prolong the life of your new friend. Wait to build a snowman until you have at least two inches of snow so that you’ll have enough for the typical snowman. A snowman is typically constructed in three parts. The base, torso, and head.

Building these parts in the correct proportions will also help extend the life of your snowman. For the best possible result, build in these proportions:

  • Base – 3 Foot Diameter
  • Torso – 2 Foot Diameter
  • Head – 1 Foot Diameter

Once you have completed your snowman, have fun adding its eyes, nose, mouth and any accessories to make your snowman unique! Have fun and enjoy the snow.

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