Keep Out of the Last Cold Wave by Shopping Online

Spring is certainly taking its time this year and I for one am sick of the cold weather! It’s this time of year that I prefer online shopping more than any other time of year. I also hate the mad rush at the grocery store every time the local news forecasts even one little snowflake.

The Last Cold Wave from Polar Vortex

If you haven’t tried online grocery shopping to beat the cold, I’d suggest giving it a try this week! The eastern two-thirds of the United States is undergoing what we hope to be the last and final cold wave of the year due to the polar vortex.

The flow of cold air will be present at least through Wednesday keeping temperatures below average over the Midwest and the northeastern United States. Especially for folks in these areas, getting a break by shopping online could get you through to Spring.

Shop Online. Get Delivered to Your Door.

By shopping online, everything you buy will be delivered directly to your door. No need to get out in the cold weather again and if you’ve never had groceries delivered – you can likely have them delivered free!

Many grocery stores offer free delivery on your first order, so check their site for a first-time customer discount before you shop. I’ve found that adding my normal grocery supplies to my account at my local grocer saves me a ton of time! Getting these items delivered and adding the few extras I need is easy, affordable and saves me money.

By shopping online, I not only stay out of the cold or beat the heat – I use that time to be more productive. Even if my delivery costs me a little extra, it’s less than I make per hour. Spending the time I’d normally spend at the store and in the checkout line doing my work or chores instead actually makes me money.

Most of us have been pounded this year with snow, ice and cold. Have your groceries and other items delivered to your door. Give online shopping a try and stay safe and warm inside!