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Spring Forecast

Spring is Here! Take a Look at What to Expect

Spring has finally arrived and we will tell you what you can expect from Mother Nature in the coming months. The Northwest and parts of the Northeast will see better than the colder-than-average temperatures they’ve been having with above-average temperature on their way – particularly during April and May.

Parts of the Southwest will have cooler-than-average temperatures.

What to Expect Through the End of March

Temperatures will rise to above average for parts of the Pacific Northwest and Northeast. With the cold start to March, this will be a welcome warm-up for some of you! Areas to the East and the Midwest can expect near or slightly above average temperatures while the Southwest and Plains may see slightly cooler-than-average temperatures.

For the Northwest and upper Midwest, February and early March have been brutal with almost record low temperatures. Some of the predictions for the remainder of March and the next few months come from greater-than-average snow cover or above-average soil moisture. Each of these may result in cooler conditions for some areas.

April Temperatures

Many parts of the Northwest along with the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will continue to expect warmer-than-average temperatures in April. For the area that extends from the Southwest portion of the Rockies and western Plains, below-average temperatures are in store.

The lower Mississippi Valley into the Plains and portions of the Great Basin are likely to experience near or just a bit below average temperatures.

May Temperatures

The Southwest, southern Plains and parts of the lower Mississippi Valley will have slightly below average temperatures in May. The Northwest heading into the Eastern will have slightly warmer conditions while above-average temperatures will be seen for Washington State through the northern Great Lakes. This will extend into parts of New York and New England as well.

May temperatures could change due to the above-average soil moisture in the central and eastern portions of the United States. If those conditions persist, temperatures will be lower than anticipated in these areas.

As we head into Summer, current predictions show that the Pacific Northwest and Northeast could be above-average with the Plains possibly seeing temperatures lower than normal as we draw closer.

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