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Another Bout of Severe Storms and Potential Flooding Threatens Central and Southern Plains

Parts of the plains have already begun experiencing another round of severe, potentially damaging weather. The storms are expected to last into Wednesday and may be capable of producing damaging winds, hail, and even tornadoes.

Flooding is also a concern, as a lot of ground area is already quite saturated.

Severe Storm Threat Tuesday

While most of us did get a short break there for a minute, peak storm season is still in full swing. And it appears several weather conditions are setting certain areas up for another round of thunderstorms.

Last night, there were several severe thunderstorms out in Northern Texas, Northeastern New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Today, a pressure trough will shift into the Plains where it will meet with moist air and volatility. This brings an increased chance for there to be quite a few severe thunderstorms in central and eastern Oklahoma as well as southeastern Kansas and Missouri.

Plus, they likely aren’t going to let up quickly either. The area will be at risk for hail, high winds, and even tornadoes throughout the day as well as overnight.

Potential Flooding

Heavy rains could also lead to more flash flooding in Northern Texas on Tuesday. Additionally, that flood threat also extends almost as far north as Lake Michigan.

All this week, flooding will again become a concern for the already heavily saturated Plains and Midwest, too. Some areas may even see up to three inches of rainfall or more. However, it will depend on where the storm clusters form.

With this extra rainfall in the forecast, the National Weather Service has issued several flood watches in the Plains.

What to Expect Wednesday

The outlook for Wednesday is a little more up in the air. There may be scattered thunderstorms in parts of Texas and on into the Ohio Valley. And again, hail and high winds may be a possibility, too.

Storm clusters could form throughout the afternoon and persist into the overnight hours as well.

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