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What is the Best Time of Year to Get LASIK?

Most surgical procedures, even minor ones like LASIK have recovery periods. As such, we often find ourselves asking, “when is the best time to have this done?”

With something as sensitive as our vision, we may even worry about the effects the elements may have on recovery. Will winter’s chill cause problems? What about heightened UV exposure in the summer?

When is the best time to get a LASIK procedure done? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers.

Weather’s Effects on LASIK

Cold weather won’t cause issues with LASIK. As for sunshine, UV rays can be damaging any time of year. So, you’ll certainly want to wear sunglasses for a while regardless of the temperature.

LASIK Recovery Period

The good news is that no time is a particularly bad time for LASIK. The best time is whatever time feels most ideal for you.

Within a day of your procedure, you can already resume light activity. By the end of a week, you can pretty much return to life as you know it, with a few caveats. You may need protective eyewear for certain activities.

For contact sports, you’ll need special protection for at least four weeks. Swimming (and hot tubs) should be avoided altogether for at least three.

The other thing you’ll want to account for is your follow-up appointments. In many cases, you’ll need to follow up in a day, a week, and then again in a month. As this could affect travel plans or scheduled engagements, you may want to consider planning around previously scheduled activities.

Why Many Prefer Winter

The seasons have no effect on the outcome of your procedure. However, many folks suggest having it done in the winter. This may partially be for insurance or spending account purposes. (You may want to factor in when your HSA, FSA, or insurance deductible resets, depending on your level of coverage.) Although, there are other reasons, too.

Often people have more outdoor activities and events to attend in the spring and summer. By getting LASIK in the winter, it means you’ll already be fully healed before spring arrives. You’re also less likely to be dealing with allergies during your recovery.

Additionally, many opt to get LASIK when they have time off of work – which for many is in the winter. Besides, who wants to take a week or more off from fun, outdoor activities in the spring?

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