Tornadoes Threatening South-Central US This Week

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes will threaten regions across the south-central US this week according to the meteorologists.

Through Wednesday, forecasters expect frequent lightning, damaging winds, large hail, and downpours. There is also a risk of isolated tornadoes.

Tornado Sightings

From Texas to Nebraska, nearly two dozen tornadoes were reported on Sunday, with the heaviest tornado activity occurring in Kansas.

Weather watchers are urging people living in the area to keep on top of fast-changing weather conditions. Outdoor items should be stowed away to keep them from becoming dangerous projectiles. Vehicles should be parked in garages or under carports to prevent hail damage.

The risk of property damage and travel delays are likely in some areas. Travelers should make checking the weather a priority.

Tuesday Through Thursday

Severe weather is expected across the southern High Plains from Tuesday afternoon through Tuesday night. The most dangerous storms are expected to manifest east through Oklahoma City.

Downpours and potential flooding are a concern beginning Tuesday and stretching through the week. By midweek, the threat of damaging storms will shift eastward through the South Central states. The Mississippi and Ohio Valleys may be affected at this point.

The tornado threat should hopefully diminish by Thursday, but there will still be a threat from flooding downpours, wind gusts and large hail.

Motorist Safety

As with any torrential rainfall, drivers in the affected areas should proceed with extreme caution. Heavy rain can cause sudden reductions in visibility which can lead to traffic accidents. Spray from other vehicles can also happen suddenly and cause crashes.

Any time before predicted severe weather is a great time to check tire pressure and replace windshield wipers that are worn. Motorists should proceed cautiously and leave themselves plenty of time to take it slow or compensate time stuck in slow moving traffic.

Thunderstorm Safety

Anyone outside when a severe thunderstorm strikes should seek shelter immediately. Never stay outside in the open during a lightning storm and if there is no shelter available, stay low. You do not want to be the tallest thing around while lightning is actively striking.

Even if that means laying in a ditch, you’ll be better off wet and muddy than a victim of a lightning strike. This is especially important in areas like the plains where there is a lack of taller things around you.