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Bad News for Hawaii: Tropical Storm Erick Just Got a Big Upgrade

Tired of hearing about hurricanes yet? It’s still awfully early in the season to feel that way, but you’re not wrong – despite predictions of a calmer season, it seems we have had quite a few pop up recently that have all been concerning. Erick is just the next.

Erick has been hanging out in the pacific as a tropical storm but has recently been upgraded to full-fledged hurricane status. While it shouldn’t make landfall, that doesn’t mean that it won’t send some nasty weather to a coastline in the coming week.

Hawaii Expected to See Rain, Wind

Erick is set to slide right past the Big Island on Thursday evening, but shouldn’t actually make landfall with the island. However, Erick’s speed and intensity are set to increase by that time, churning the sea around the island.

Windspeeds on Thursday evening are expected to be high, with sustained gusts of up to 110 miles per hour. That’s only a single mile below a Category 3 hurricane, so it’s clear that Erick is no storm to mess with.

Waves are expected to be between 7 and 16 feet by that time as well, which could damage coastlines and homes on the beach itself. It’s unclear yet how much rain Hawaii will actually get from Erick, but winds and waves are expected for sure.

As of now, Erick is only a Category 1 storm, but it will continue to increase in strength and size as it powers through the Pacific Ocean.

Erick Isn’t the Only Trouble Maker

Hurricane Erick isn’t the only thing that Hawaii has to worry about. Erick is the 5th storm to get its name this season, but the 6th storm is close behind.

Tropical Storm Flossie is moving rapidly through the Pacific Ocean as well and following a similar path to Erick. If it stays on course it will appear to be its tail, moving just south of Hawaii as well.

It’s expected to hit hurricane status in the next day or two, and it’s too early to say for sure that it won’t hit the island, but it looks good for Hawaii. They can still expect rain, wind, and some damage, but hopefully will avoid most of the effects.

If meteorologists are right, Flossie may end up as a Category 3 or higher by the time it scoots past the islands. If Flossie’s course changes due to turbulent waters from Erick or wind movement, Hawaii could be in real trouble.

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