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Breaking: Dorian Upgraded to Hurricane Status

Tropical Storm Dorian has strengthened and is now considered a hurricane. The storm will move through the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Wednesday with wind gusts over 90 mph. A hurricane warning has been issued for the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, while a Hurricane Watch is in effect for Puerto Rico. A Tropical Storm Warning is also in effect for Puerto Rico.

Dorian is expected to strengthen as the storm moves toward the mainland U.S. on Thursday. Where exactly Dorian will strike the southeast U.S. is yet to be determined. The storm is expected to bend toward the mainland Friday or Saturday, potentially making landfall later in the Labor Day holiday weekend. The National Hurricane Center advises residents of Florida, Georgia and even the Carolinas to follow forecasts for Dorian’s path closely. It is increasingly likely that Dorian will continue to both grow in size and intensify as it nears the mainland. At that point, the storm could reach Category 3 levels, with wind gusts of up to 115 mph.

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