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Weekend Weather Outlook: What To Expect

Making your weekend plans? Don’t leave the house without reading this first! There’s nothing worse than being taken by surprise when the weather changes and ruins your day.

Some parts of the US can expect extreme weather and potential flooding in the next two days, while others may see more major hail. Are you going to be affected?

What The Midwest Can Expect: Danger!

If you’re in the Midwest or the plains and plan to spend time outside this weekend, be careful! The weather is not going to be in your favor.

Saturday is expected to produce severe thunderstorms in northern and central Plains, as well as parts of the upper Midwest. Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, and South Dakota are all at risk.

These storms can easily produce damaging wind, and it’s very possible that those areas will see some level of hail. This week Nebraska saw hailstones as large as 2.5 inches, and more could be on the way.

Centralized flash flooding is expected in Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and southwestern Wisconsin. These storms will come fast and hard, so be prepared for the worst.

Northeastern US: It Will Be a Wet One

The Northeast and mid-Atlantic can expect rain and storms this weekend, dampening any plans for the last bit of summer spent outside.

These won’t be major, life-threatening storms, but small pop-up rain will happen and could trigger flash floods to already wet areas, so be sure to pay attention to the skies!

Humidity levels will also be high, making it feel even hotter than it actually is. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water if you have outdoor plans and rest frequently, especially if you’re feeling tired or have a headache, both signs of dehydration.

Florida Also Wet, Still Underwater

While it’s not a hurricane, Florida and the Southeast coast can expect plenty of rain and some major storms this weekend.

Tropical winds are headed for the coast, and some areas will see several inches of rain. If you live in an area where flooding happens often, be prepared – the storms on the way from the ocean can produce over an inch of rain an hour.

Some places in Florida have already seen up to 7 inches of rain, and it isn’t expected to stop!

Stay dry!

West Coast: Be Prepared for the Heat

Parts of the West Coast and Southwestern US are expected to get hot this weekend, with some areas hitting over 100 degrees.

This is all part of a forecast released this week that predicts August to be hotter than normal for much of the country, so you may not see any reprieve from this heat anytime soon. Temperatures this weekend will be between 10 and 15 degrees above ‘average’ for this time of year.

The good news? Minimal rain and clouds are expected. So if you can handle the heat, you could have a great weekend outdoors!

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