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What to Expect with Hurricane Dorian, Current Updates

Here are the latest updates on Hurricane Dorian and what to expect…


  • Hurricane Dorian is a slow-moving, Category 3, and still lingering over the northern Bahamas.
  • Dorian is expected to slowly move toward Florida’s East Coast. However, landfall is less likely in Florida, but it is anticipated that the storm will come dangerously close to the Florida shore.
  • 91% of flights in or out of Orlando International Airport have been canceled.
  • 166 flight out and 119 flight into Fort Lauderdale International Airport have been canceled.

Predictions for today

  • Predicted, but not certain, Dorian is expected to turn northward and move parallel to the coastline of Florida and the eastern US.
  • Expected, but not certain, the eye of the hurricane is anticipated to remain roughly 100 miles offshore. However, any slight deviation in the storm could bring it closer to land and create increased impacts.
  • Storm surges between 4-7 feet are possible along the coast of Florida.

Predictions for Wednesday

  • As the storm moves northward, hurricane-force winds are still anticipated.
  • By Wednesday, the eye of the hurricane is expected to be somewhere about the Daytona Beach to Jacksonville area.
  • Tropical-storm-force winds will arrive in Georgia, then the Carolinas by Wednesday evening.
  • Storm surges are possible along the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

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