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Rain on Halloween trick or treat

Raining on Halloween: Tips and Tricks to Still Get Treats!

If you’re a parent with young kids excited about going trick-or-treating, you might be a bit concerned about the Halloween weather report. In many parts of the country, the forecast is calling for rain on the evening of the 31st. This is unfortunate, as it will rain out most trick-or-treating activities.

However, you shouldn’t despair, as there are many ways to trick-or-treat without having to go out into the rain. Here are some of our tips for what to do on a rainy Halloween evening!

Throw a Party on Halloween Instead of Trick or Treating

You could invite your kid’s school friends and parents over for a costume party for Halloween. You can get some buckets of candy and hide it around the house for a scavenger hunt, or just hand it to the kids throughout the night so they get their “trick or treating” without having to slog through the rain.

Meanwhile, you could serve up drinks and snacks for the party guests and just generally have a spooky good time. Throw on a horror movie for the adults and some spooky cartoons for the kids, or just turn on some Halloween-themed music and enjoy the atmosphere.

Go Trick or Treating at a Local Nursing Home

While visiting a nursing home might not sound like the best way to spend your Halloween if you’re a kid on the hunt for candy, hear us out. Call a few local nursing homes and see if any of them are doing any special trick-or-treating events for the residents. If they are, this is a great opportunity to avoid the rain.

Not only will your kids get to be indoors and away from the bad weather, but you could also make some nursing home residents really happy! They’ll certainly be excited to see a bunch of youngsters dressed up as ghosts and goblins.

Just make sure you call ahead to make sure they’re actually having a trick-or-treating event!

Take a Halloween Car Tour instead of Walking

Alternatively, if you know your neighborhood is full of great candy for the kids, you can opt to do a car tour. Simply load the kids into the car and drive to each house that looks like it’s participating in trick-or-treating. Bring ponchos or umbrellas to keep everyone dry!

You never know, the kids might even get extra candy if they’re some of the only ones out hunting for it. We hope these tips help you make the best of a soggy Halloween!

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