Dumb Winter Mistakes You Should Avoid Making this Year


Here are the top dumb mistakes people make during the winter season each year. Make sure you keep these in mind as the weather turns colder so you’re not caught in a bad situation of your own making! These are the biggest winter mistakes you should avoid making this year.

Don’t Pour Hot Water on Your Windshield

We’ve all been there. You wake up a little late for work and you’re already in a hurry. Then, you see that your windshield is iced over. So, you think, “I’ve got this,” fill up a bucket of hot water and then throw it on your icy windshield, hoping to quickly thaw it out. Then your windshield breaks.

You see, the difference in temperature can cause the glass to crack when the hot water expands in the small cracks across your windshield. Just use the ice scraper. Yes, it’s a pain, but it’s better than watching your windshield turn into glass shards.

Winter Clothes Make (or Break) You

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a winter expert, you need to wear the right clothes. If you’re out in a thin pair of pants and a windbreaker in extreme cold, you’re going to make yourself sick for no reason. Wear a thick jacket, gloves, a scarf and a hat that covers your ears. Make sure you layer up, wear thick, warm pants and proper snow boots.

People die from hypothermia every year. Avoid cotton clothes, make sure you’re layered up and don’t go jumping into any puddles.

Driving in Heavy Snow or Ice

Do not, under any circumstances, slam on your brakes when you hit a patch of ice or begin to lose control of your vehicle. It fights every instinct in your body, but slamming on your brakes is a surefire way to send your car spinning either off the road or into the cars ahead of you.

Instead, stay calm and very gently turn the steering wheel in the direction of your skid. Lightly tap the brakes, don’t slam them. As you carefully tap the brakes and maneuver, try to avoid other cars. This should allow you to come to a careful stop without hurting anyone, or yourself.