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Storm System to Bring Rain, Snow to East Coast

The South and Northeast are both due for some serious precipitation throughout this week, starting on Wednesday and carrying through to the end of the week. As the high amounts of moisture in the atmosphere encounter very cold air in the Northeast, this could result in some of the first snows of the season for New England. Here’s what to expect throughout this week.

Storm System Origins

The system bringing this precipitation is originating off the coast of Southern California. At present, the system isn’t doing much in the way of making precipitation for the area that so dearly needs it. There were a few odd morning storms over the Mojave, but these weren’t bringing much rainfall.

However, as the system moves to the east and picks up more moisture, it’s likely that this is going to change.

The Plains and Cold Front

As the storm front continues to move East, it will likely encounter a blast of cold air in the form of a front from the north. This will likely bring the rainfall over the Plains, as the two fronts interact and pull moisture from the air and into the storm front.

As this cold air interacts with the precipitation, this could bring some snowfall to the Midwest and even to parts of the East Coast.

It’s too early to tell what amount of snow, if any, the cold front could bring to the Midwest. While it’s likely this could just result in a light powder of snow across the Midwest and Northeast, it could also prove to be a serious winter storm and bring several inches of snow accumulation.

At this time, it’s difficult to say.

Soaking the South

What is known, however, is that this front is going to bring some cold November rain to the Southeast. Rainfall from Texas all the way to parts of Appalachia will begin falling around Wednesday night. Expect to see several inches of rainfall across the region as the storm front crosses over it.

By Friday, this feature should be moving into the Carolinas and Florida, soaking all the way to the coast.

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