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Wintry Mix for West, North, Central US and More Weather News

Today will bring a wintry mix to a large swath of the northwestern, north, and central US today, while the South will receive strong thunderstorms and heavy rain; plus, today’s weather advisories.

Wintry mix and freezing rain over a large part of US

Here are the regions across the US experiencing a mix of rain, ice, sleet, and snow today.

Northwest US

At least six states in the Northwestern US will see widespread mixed precipitation today.

Nearly the entirety of Washington and Oregon will experience a wintry mix, except for the coastal regions which will see rainfall, and some areas will have the potential of flash flooding in Washington State.

The weather scenario for California, north of San Francisco will be much the same.

Mixed precipitation is also forecast for western and northern Nevada, western, central and northern Idaho, and western Montana.

Portions of southern and central Montana, Eastern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and north-central Colorado will see snowfall.

North and Central US

At least fifteen states in the central and north-central portion of the country will see a wintry mix today, with heavy rain and flash flooding possible in portions of southern and eastern Missouri and southwest Illinois.

Mixed precipitation is forecast for southeast North Dakota, eastern and southern South Dakota, the eastern half of Nebraska and Kansas, Eastern Oklahoma, northern Arkansas, most of Minnesota, and the entirety of the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, most of Ohio, and western Kentucky.

Today’s weather advisories

Here are the areas today where the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued the following advisories:

Winter weather advisory: Northeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Wisconsin, central and eastern Nebraska, northeastern and Eastern Kansas, the entirety of Missouri, west-central Illinois, northern Arkansas, and southern Wyoming.

Avalanche warning: Northern Washington.

Flood watch: Northwest Washington.

Flood warning: All along the Mississippi River.

High surf advisory: East Central Florida

Strong Thunderstorms today for the South

At least 16 states in the southern portion of the US will see strong thunderstorms and heavy rain today.

The strongest thunderstorms will occur along the Gulf Coast states, spanning from eastern Texas to the Florida Panhandle, and northward into Arkansas, while affecting all of Louisiana the majority of Mississippi, Alabama, and western Georgia.

The remainder of the South will see mostly rain with a lesser chance of thunderstorms for east-central Oklahoma, northern and central Arkansas, in the northern regions of Mississippi and Alabama, portions of northern and eastern Georgia, the East Coast of Florida, the entirety of South Carolina and Tennessee, the majority of Kentucky, as well as the western portions of the Virginias and North Carolina.

The north and south of the Western areas of the North Carolina-Virginia border could see heavy rain and potential flash flooding.

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