In the event of a hurricane, tornado or other extreme weather, cloud backup might not save your life–but it will save your important documents and precious memories.

In a weather emergency, chances are good that you’ll lose power, internet service and cell phone reception. If you haven’t already made preparations to back up your data to the cloud, it’ll be too late.

To set up automatic cloud backup on your phone, go to the device’s settings. Both iPhone and android offer automatic cloud storage–just make sure that you have enough space for all your photos and other information.

In addition to backing up your mobile device, it’s also smart to store your computer documents in the cloud. Flooding and other storm damage could wipe out your home office in moments, but if you have backed up your information, at least you won’t have lost everything. There are many services that will automatically back up your files, or you can simply transfer them manually to a site such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Finally, scan all your important information–birth certificates, insurance policies, and so on–and use cloud backup to preserve digital copies in the event of an emergency.