You’ve no doubt heard old wives’ tales about arthritic knees that could predict the weather. Well, it turns out that there may be some truth to those stories. A 2014 study revealed that 67% of people suffering from osteoarthritis considered themselves to be “weather sensitive.”

Scientists have discovered three main factors that will have certain people with arthritis experiencing increased pain.

Temperature: The colder it is, the more pain relief arthritis sufferers will need. Cold weather seems to cause an uptick in pain, possibly because it makes the fluid cushioning joints thicker.

Humidity: Wet weather equals more arthritis pain, unfortunately. Some doctors think this might just be due to inactivity; after all, you’re more likely to stay indoors if it’s pouring rain.

Pressure: Changes in barometric pressure appear to have a physical effect on tendons and bones, causing them to expand or contract. Ouch!

The absolute worst weather for arthritis seems to be cold, wet, and stormy. In the quest for pain relief, arthritis sufferers will try just about anything. While you might not take such a drastic step as moving someplace dry and warm–it probably wouldn’t hurt.