Storm Spanning Entire Nation Brings Hazardous Conditions Next Two Days

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A major coast-to-coast storm will span the entirety of the US, bringing hazardous conditions for the next two days which include freezing rain, snow, blizzard warnings, heavy rain, flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, and potential tornadoes.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you could be dealing with everything from ice to snow, to blizzard conditions, to flash flooding or even tornadoes.

Driving could be hazardous, so besides being extra cautious, you may want to make sure you have the phone number of your area auto accident attorney if you plan on getting out on the roadway.

Luckily, due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people will be staying home and off the roadways today and beyond avoiding the treacherous weather the nation will be seen for the next three days.

Major winter storm will sweep across the country

Tomorrow will bring the first official day of spring, but you wouldn’t know it, because for the next two days many areas will still be experiencing winter weather which includes freezing rain and snow.

A blizzard warning is in effect for the next two days in southern and western Wyoming, as well as the western half of Nebraska.

In the last several days, western storms have dropped 9.5 feet of snow in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, with more snow will following there, as well as in northwestern Nevada and southern Oregon today.

Snow is forecast over portions of southern California; eastern Utah; a majority of Colorado; heavy snowfall is forecast for northern, central and eastern Arizona; heavy snow in southwestern and north-central New Mexico; southern and eastern Wyoming, the eastern half of Nebraska, southwestern South Dakota, as well as northern Idaho and a large swath of Montana.

Across the aforementioned states, as well as the upper Midwest and into portions of the Northeast, mixed precipitation could bring moments of snow and freezing rain. In particular, freezing rain is forecast for the northwestern half of South Dakota, southeastern North Dakota, west-central Minnesota, north-central Wisconsin, northern Michigan, northeastern Pennsylvania, southern and central New York, southern Vermont, and western Massachusetts.

Severe weather today, range expands tomorrow

Severe weather is forecast for central, western and northern Texas, as well as central Oklahoma expanding throughout the majority of the state. Damaging winds, hail and potential tornadoes are among the threats.

The area at risk of severe weather will expand greatly tomorrow to include 17 states, however, the storm is expected to lose some of its punch by Thursday.

Widespread thunderstorms today, potential flooding

Rain and thunderstorms will span from the southwest to the southeast today, as well as northward into the upper midwest and Ohio Valley.

Mostly rain is forecast along the eastern US from North Carolina into Connecticut. Another threat looming across the nation today is the risk of flash flooding, which will include central and northeastern Texas, including Dallas; the majority of Oklahoma, the western half of Arkansas, north-central Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, southern and eastern Ohio and southwestern Pennsylvania.