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Is The Worst Over? Coronavirus and Winter: What To Expect

It seems in many parts of the United States, the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is over. There are still new cases, and people are still dying, but infection rates across the board are down. Social distancing is working in many parts of the country.

But is it over?

Experts say no, and it has to do with the weather. Unless there is a vaccine for the coronavirus made within these summer months, viral disease experts are warning the public that there is a lot more to worry about during the cold months than just snowstorms and black ice on the road.

It is very likely that the cold weather is going to increase the infection rate again, and a new wave will hit the US, worse than this last one. This is because it is hard to properly social distance in the winter months. More people shop, everything moves indoors, and people generally just gather more.

Winter weather is going to take on a whole new danger, unless major changes are made.

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