Here is some fun weather information you may not have known! Everyone likes weather facts at a party… right?!

You can tell the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit by counting cricket chirps. Just count the number of chirps for 15 seconds and add 37 to that number to get an approximate temperature. 

Sandstorms can swallow up entire cities, and they can stay buried for centuries. 

Dirt mixed with wind can make dust storms called black blizzards. 

The coldest temperature to ever be recorded was –89.2 C.  

Mild Autumn weather often means bigger spiders in our homes. If you see lots of creepy crawlies, it’s probably been a warmer winter!

A heatwave can make train tracks bend. 

There are about 2,000 thunderstorms on Earth every minute. 

In 2003, a heatwave turned grapes to raisins before they could be picked from the vine. 

Lightning often follows a volcanic eruption. 

Cape Farewell in Greenland is the windiest place on the planet. 

hurricane in Florida caused 900 captive pythons to escape. 

Wildfires can create tornadoes made of fire called fire whirls. That is not somewhere you want to be.