Hurricane Laura’s First Reported Louisiana Death is 14-Year-Old Girl

Governor John Bel Edwards said Louisiana state officials now have 4 reported deaths from Hurricane Laura.

All the deaths were caused by trees falling on the residences, according to Edwards. None of the deaths were on the coast, including the first reported death who was tragically a 14-year-old female. 

In a Thursday morning interview with CNN Edwards said, “We have about 1,500 people engaged in search anrescue, moving into LakCharles area now. 

 Edwards added, We’re also going to have to do some of this search and rescue work all the way up the western side of the state as the storm moves north.” 

Around 1 a.m. Thursday morning, Laura slammed into Cameron Parish as a Category 4 hurricanepacking 150 mph winds and moved through Calcasieu Parish and Lake Charles before heading North on its way to Shreveport. 

“I will tell you the damage was extensive,” Edwards said. “The wind speed was as promised. Right now, I believe we got a break on the storm surge, about half of what was projected.” 

The storm surge that had been forecast for as high as 20 feet came onshore at 9-12 feet.