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Oregon Family Runs Out of Gas Fleeing Wildfire

A family camping trip was cut short in Oregon early Tuesday morning as flames and thick smoke surrounded campgrounds. 

Allison Hargett, her husband Tyler, and their 6-year-old daughter Lilly were camping at Detroit Lake State Park with friends.   

The Hargett‘s arrived at the campgrounds on Monday with their boat. They received evacuation orders around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. 

The family loaded in their vehicle with the boat in tow and fled the area as the wildfire neared. 

As the Hargetts were fleeing, their vehicle ran out of gas. 

“(Our friends) were in front of us and saw that we pulled over and turned around, tossed their stuff in the back seat and told us to get in and let’s go,” Allison told CNN. 

The family had to ditch their vehicle and boat in a store parking lot to assure their safety so they could continue to evacuate. 

“We completely ran out of gas and would’ve been stranded,” she said. “They saved us.” 

“We are also devastated to lose our vehicle and boat … but we are OK at least.” 

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