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A Dangerous Travel Day: Warnings for Heavy Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain

Tuesday will be a particularly dangerous day for travel in many areas across the US, as a snowstorm stretches over much of the nation and a wide band of freezing rain cover the nation’s midsection to the Northeast.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a number of winter-related weather alerts for today. The impact of today’s weather conditions will increase in the later hours of the day into the evening, although travel was already being impacted in many areas in the early morning hours.

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Winter weather alerts issued by the NWS

As snow storms and freezing rain spans much of the nation today, a large section of the country is under weather warnings. Here are the winter-related weather alerts by the National Weather Service for Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

Winter storm warnings

Northwest: eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

West/Southwest: southeastern Wyoming; western Nebraska; western Colorado; eastern Utah; northern and central New Mexico.

Central US: southeastern South Dakota; southwestern Minnesota; eastern Nebraska; southwestern and northwestern Iowa; northeastern Kansas; northwestern Missouri; Iowa; northeastern Illinois; southern and southeastern Wisconsin; northwestern Indiana.

Winter weather advisory

Northwest: southwest and northwest Oregon; northern California; northwest and eastern Washington; northern and central Idaho; western Montana.

West: Utah; western, northeastern, east-central and southeastern Colorado.

Southwest: northern and central New Mexico.

Central US & upper Midwest: northern Texas; western Oklahoma; Kansas; Nebraska; Iowa; northern Missouri; southern, central and western South Dakota; eastern North Dakota; Minnesota; Wisconsin; western and northern Michigan.

Ohio Valley: northern Illinois; northern Indiana; northwest Ohio.

Northeast: south-central New York.

Today’s snow forecast

Snow will stretch nearly the entirety of the country on Tuesday. Here is today’s snow forecast by the National Weather Service.

Northwest: Snowfall over portions of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

West: Snowfall for Wyoming, Utah, Colorado.

Southwest: Snowfall central and northern Arizona and much of New Mexico.

Midwest: Snowfall for Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Snow could be heavy over central and western Iowa, and southern Wisconsin.

Ohio Valley: Snowfall over northern Ohio. Snow could be heavy over northern Illinois.

Mid-Atlantic: Snowfall for northwestern Pennsylvania and southern New York.

Northeast: Snowfall for southern Vermont and western Massachusetts.

Wide band of freezing rain across nation’s midsection

A wide and long band of freezing rain will stretch diagonally across the nation’s midsection today, spanning from Texas into Michigan and Ohio. The National Weather Service has forecast freezing rain over western Oklahoma, much of Kansas and Missouri, parts of Nebraska, southern Iowa, northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, northern Indiana, central and southern Michigan and northeast Ohio.

In the West, there will be spots of freezing rain over parts of southern Washington.

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