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Where Will We See Below or Above Average Temperatures in February?

The weather outlook for the rest of winter in February shows below-average temperatures for a significant portion of the country, while an even greater area will see above-average temps. Here’s what to expect in your region.

What will the rest of winter bring for your area in February?

February can be the coldest month of the year for many regions, but the outlook for next month shows that the cold weather won’t necessarily be where you’d expect it. The surprise will be much colder weather in the West and much warmer temperatures in the South and East.

February weather at a glance

The temperature pattern for February will be largely divided between a colder West and milder East. However, at times, some colder air could spill into the eastern states. The above average temperatures are most likely to occur in parts of the South and into the Ohio Valley, as well as the Northeast for February. However, even though the forecast calls for milder-than-average temperatures to dominate throughout the month, there could still be brief periods of colder weather, based upon the large-scale weather pattern, the Weather Channel reported.

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Region-by-region forecast

Here is a region-by-region forecast from the Weather Channel.

Northwest: Near or slightly below average temperatures for Oregon and Washington.

Northern Rockies: Significantly below-average temperatures for north-central and northern Montana. Below average temperatures are expected for Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

West: Near or slightly below-average temperatures for northern and north-central California and northwestern Nevada, and eastern Colorado. Below-average temperatures are expected for south-central and southern California, central and eastern Nevada, Utah, and western Colorado.

Southwest: Below-average temperatures for Arizona and northwestern New Mexico. Slightly below-average temperatures are forecast for the remainder of New Mexico.

Central & Southern Midwest: Near or slightly above-average temperatures for most of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Eastern Nebraska. Above-average temperatures are expected for eastern Oklahoma and eastern Texas.

Upper Midwest: Below-average temperatures for central, western and northern North Dakota and western South Dakota. Near or slightly below average temperatures for are forecast southeastern North Dakota and most of South Dakota. Near or slightly above average temperatures are forecast for Iowa, southern Minnesota, most of Wisconsin and Michigan.

Ohio Valley: Above-average temperatures for the southern areas of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, as well as Ohio.

Mid-South: Above-average temperatures for Tennessee and Kentucky.

South: Above-average temperatures for eastern Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, and western Georgia.

Southeast: Near or slightly above-average temperatures for North Carolina, South Carolina, eastern Georgia and Florida.

Mid-Atlantic: Above-average temperatures for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and DC.

Northeast: Above-average temperatures for New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

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