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Dangerous Conditions: 3 Days of Severe Weather Across the South

The South will see at least 3 days of severe weather with likely tornadoes, with warnings for 6 states on Thursday and stronger chances of a more widespread outbreak in the South on Friday and Saturday.

South to see at least 3 days of severe weather

The South will face at least three days of severe weather with potentially heavy rain and flash flooding, large hail, damaging winds, and likely tornadoes.

Thursday’s threats

On Thursday, forecasters were warning of damaging winds and tornadoes possible over portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

As of Thursday morning, tornado warnings had already been issued in Mississippi and Alabama, ABC reported. Four inches of rain around New Orleans had already caused flooding.

The large storm system was forecast to move both east and north on Thursday afternoon, bringing the threat for severe thunderstorms stretching to Florida to the southeast and all the way to Michigan to the north. Damaging winds and tornadoes are the biggest threats from the storms.

Threats over the weekend

The areas threatened and affected by the storms will increase over Friday and Saturday, becoming more widespread across the South. The largest threat zone will stretch from Texas and Oklahoma to Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. The threats include damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes. Flash flooding is also a risk.

Friday’s threats:

Forecasters expect numerous severe thunderstorms organizing by Friday afternoon and into the evening for portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida.

The areas of the highest risk are eastern Texas; the southern border of Arkansas; northern and central Louisiana; central Mississippi; and west-central Alabama along the western border.

Saturday’s threats:

On Saturday, the storm threat moves to the east affecting portions of southeastern Louisiana, southeastern Mississippi, nearly the entireties of Alabama and Georgia, central and eastern Tennessee, central Kentucky, the Panhandle and northern Florida, as well as a slight chance along the western borders of the Carolinas.

The areas of highest risk are around New Orleans; extreme southeastern Mississippi; central and southern Alabama; west-central and southwestern Georgia; the Florida Panhandle.

Flooding threat through Sunday morning

A flooding threat throughout the South exists through Sunday morning, according to the projection by the Weather Company.

The areas of most concern are around New Orleans, southern Mississippi, southern Alabama, southwestern Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. Particular areas of concern are those around Pensacola to the west and Alabama and east along the Panhandle, as well as the border of the Panhandle which intersects Alabama and Georgia.

Be prepared for severe weather

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How to get prepared for severe weather

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