The Top Seven Cold Weather Safety Tips


Dealing with cold weather can be more than just a chilly annoyance – it can also be a health risk. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, here are the top ten tips for cold weather safety from our friends at the Red Cross.

1. Wear Layers

Preserving your body heat should be your top concern while venturing out into cold weather. The best way to do this is to wear layers. Depending on how cold it is, you may need more than just one layer of thermals underneath your clothes. Gloves and a hat will also help keep the warmth inside your body. Don’t skimp on layers!

2. Remember Your Pets

If you have outdoor pets and it’s really cold outside, they are suffering. Be a responsible pet owner and bring them inside. If that is absolutely not an option, make sure they have proper shelter and unfrozen water to drink.

3. The Three Feet Rule

Never, ever operate a space heater close to any other objects, and don’t run them on carpet or rugs. Space heaters cause a huge number of house fires during the winter months. Don’t be this statistic. Remember that there should be a three-foot radius of nothing around your space heater.

4. Screen Off Fireplaces

If you use a fireplace, be sure to use a large enough screen to block sparks and rolling logs. Also, keep in mind that fireplaces can suck more heat out of your home than create warmth. They are best used to warm small, enclosed rooms.

5. Protect Water Pipes

Trickle water to release pressure from the water pipes. This will keep them from bursting if the water freezes. This is a costly repair job that you do not want to deal with!

6. Ovens are for Cooking

Never use an oven or stove to heat your house. You are just asking for a disaster if you do…

7. Generators Go Outside

Carbon monoxide kills, so operate your generators outside the house. Don’t ever run one inside – even in a garage or basement.