Three Easy Ways Everyone Can Save Money This Autumn


From purchases to energy savings, fall is a great time to save money on things.


When fall hits, big retailers like Target, Walmart, The Home Depot and Lowes need to make room for holiday and winter inventory. It’s the perfect time to save a lawn equipment, patio furniture and cushions, grills, lawn ornaments and more. Some smaller retailers like Walgreens and CVS even clearance out year-round items such as charcoal and lighter fluid. Even if you don’t grill out year-round, buy what they have, and they’ll be ready for spring. If you make these purchases in the fall instead of spring or summer, you can save hundreds.  Be sure to check out the clearance sections while you are there as well.

Energy Savings

Lock in a price cap on heating oil or natural gas. Some providers charge a lock in fee, but it can save you hundreds. Since you are taking a cap instead of paying a fixed price, you won’t lose out if prices drop instead of rise.

Sign up for your providers budget billing or simple pay plan just before utilizing your gas or electric heater full time in the winter. This also helps with budgeting since you know the exact amount, you’ll pay year-round.

Schedule a furnace or boiler tune-up and replace filters every month to ensure your heating unit is running efficiently.

DIY Energy Audit

Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon all carry thermal leak detectors which will help you identify areas in your home that need more insulation. Black and Decker, Etikcity and CEM all offer products less than $40.00 that can save you tons on utility costs. You’ll find a ton of ‘easy fixes’ like simply putting foam gaskets under switches and outlet covers or weather stripping around doors.