Severe Storms and Flood Warnings as Thunderstorms Span Coast-to-Coast

Thunderstorms will span from the West to the Northeast on Monday, bringing six areas of concern that have prompted flash-flood and severe weather warnings, while dangerous levels of heat continue in the West.

Severe weather threat for Florida

Western and West-Central Florida could see severe weather on Monday, as forecasters are warning of lightning, hail, and strong wind gusts as high as 60 mph. The National Weather Service is warning of potential severe weather along the Gulf affecting the western Florida coast from Cedar Key to Fort Myers. The threat extends inland for west-central Florida, starting south of Gainesville to Fort Myers, and eastward into the interior near Orlando, and farther south all the way to Okeechobee, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Coast-to-coast thunderstorms, 6 large areas of heavy rain, and potential flash flooding

As thunderstorms stretch from California to Maine on Monday, the National Weather Service is warning of six potential regions where heavy rain could lead to flash flooding.

The National Weather Service has issued flash flood watches for the following six areas of concern are:

(1) South-central, central and eastern Arizona; west-central New Mexico.

(2) Central and east-central Texas.

(3) Western Louisiana; southern, central, and east-central Mississippi; west-central, central and northern Alabama; south-central Tennessee.

(4) Eastern Illinois, central and northern Indiana, southern Michigan, northern Ohio.

(5) Central, east-central and eastern Pennsylvania; New Jersey; southern New York; Connecticut, Rhode Island; Massachusetts; southern Vermont; southern New Hampshire; southern Maine.

(6) West-central Florida.

Dangerous levels of heat for the Western US

A dome of heat continues to hover over the West, keeping temperatures high and dangerous levels in some areas. A number of states will be under heat alerts on Monday, with temperatures some 10-20 degrees above average in many areas.

Wildfires are burning in several Western states prompting red flag warnings and air-quality alerts.

The poor air quality can make you being outdoors difficult for people with high sensitivity or respiratory problems. It is also a reminder to many that it is a good time to look into how to stop smoking to avoid long-term respiratory issues.

Heat alerts, red flag warnings, and air-quality alerts for Monday

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a number of heat alerts as high temperatures continue to plague the Western US.

Excessive heat warning: eastern Oregon; southwestern Idaho; northern, central, southern, and southeastern California; western, central, and southern Nevada; eastern, southern, and central Utah; Northwestern Arizona.

Heat advisory: eastern Washington; northern Idaho; southwestern and south-central Oregon; south-central Idaho; north-central and southwestern California; central, south-central, and northeastern Nevada; northeastern Utah.

Air quality alert: southwest Oregon; northern California; northwest Washington; central Idaho; western Montana; western Wyoming; northeastern Colorado.