Coldest Air of the Season in the East with More on the Way for the West


The coldest air of the season will grip the eastern US. The southern Plains sees its coldest temperatures in 7 months, while below freezing temps will be reached in many areas. Another cold front moves into the West tomorrow.

The coldest air of the season moves in

The coldest air of fall thus far will grip the Eastern US on Wednesday, while another cold front will move into the West on Thursday. There’s more cold, dry air on the way, so it’s time to break out the dry skin moisturizer

On the whole, temperatures east of the Rockies will fall as much as 25 degrees below normal, CNN reports. The Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-South will see temps dip into the 20s and 30s. Parts of the South will drop into the 40s and 50s, Fox reported, while the Ohio Valley will see temperatures 10-15 degrees below average.

The southern plains will see frosty temps, the highest and 7 months, affecting the central and northern latitudes of Texas, throughout Oklahoma, south-central Kansas, southwestern Missouri, Arkansas, northern Louisiana, central and northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, and throughout much of Tennessee.

Chance of snow in the East

Snow is forecast for parts of Michigan and the Northeast, as a wintry mix will stretch from northern Wisconsin, across the northern tier over parts of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Snow and a wintry mix possible in several spots across US

Spots of snow are possible across central Colorado, as well as in Michigan. Mixed precipitation is forecast in various spots across the nation including northern and central Washington, central Oregon, Northern California, north-central New Mexico, northern Arkansas, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, and southwestern Virginia.

NWS winter and freeze alerts

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a variety of freeze- and winter-related alerts for Wednesday.

Winter weather advisory: Northern Wisconsin, northern Michigan, northwestern Pennsylvania, southwestern and north-central New York.

Freeze warning: Northern Arkansas, central and southern Missouri, southern Illinois, western and central Tennessee, Kentucky, southern Indiana, southern Ohio, West Virginia, northern Virginia, central and western Maryland, central and southeast Pennsylvania, Southern Connecticut.

Frost advisory: Central and southern Kansas, northwestern Oklahoma, eastern Arkansas, northern Mississippi, central Tennessee, northern and central Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Southern New York.

Freeze watch: Northern Texas, Oklahoma Panhandle, western Kansas, southwestern Missouri, northwestern Arkansas.

Thunderstorms, rain in the South

Thunderstorms are forecast by the NWS across central and southern Texas, while rain will extend from western Oklahoma across Arkansas and Louisiana, over Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, into the southern corridor in eastern Tennessee, and over the Carolinas.

Spotty thunderstorms are forecast by the NWS over eastern Florida, while rain in the south over Miami. Thunderstorms will increase across the state over through Friday.