Arctic Blast Brings Coldest Air in Years, Powerful Nor’easter this Weekend


Arctic air is back and will deliver the coldest air in a year to some areas, while a bomb cyclone will stir up a powerful nor’easter across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast this weekend and could bring crippling winter weather.

Bomb cyclone, nor’easter this weekend for mid-Atlantic and Northeast

Computer models agree that a rapidly intensifying storm known as a bomb cyclone could deliver a powerful nor’easter to the mid-Atlantic and Northeast this weekend. Forecasters advise residents of these regions to reconsider plans as potentially hazardous travel conditions could be present as the storm delivers potential strong winds, ice, snow, and flooding, CNN reports. Authorities are warning that the storm could bring blizzard conditions.

The storm is expected to move up the East Coast Friday into Saturday, and some areas could see a foot of snow or more. Forecasts will better pinpoint where there will be mixed precipitation or snow as we near the weekend.

Coldest air in years to arrive this weekend

Arctic air will move into the US from midweek onward and not only will be felt along the northern tier and into the Northeast but will reach as far south as Florida.

On Wednesday, parts of Illinois will see the wind chill dip to -34, -19 in Chicago, -25 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and -19 in Lansing, Michigan, WGN 9 reports.

Parts of Florida will see the lowest temperatures in nearly four years this weekend, as Orlando will hit the freezing point of 32 degrees, while some counties in the north and West will see temperatures only in the 20s, WFTV9 ABC reported. Gainesville and Ocala will dip to 24 degrees, and Brooksville will fall to 27 on Sunday morning, Fox 35 said.

Sahara desert receives rare snowfall

The ordinarily dry sand dunes of the Sahara desert were recently blanketed with a layer of snow near the town of Aïn-Séfra in northwest Algeria, I Love South Africa reports. Temperatures dropped below zero and allowed snowfall over the Sierra, which has only occurred five times in the past 42 years. Photos were posted on social media, which captured the rare sight.

3-day forecast

Here is your latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS)

Wednesday: Snow across the northern tier stretching from Montana to New York. Snowfall over parts of the West, including Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, north Texas, Oklahoma, and southwestern Kansas.

Rain and thunderstorms for Florida.

Thursday: Snow over the Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast. In the West, snow for Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and the extreme western areas of Kansas and Oklahoma.

Rain for much of Texas and Florida, into Georgia.

Friday: A nor’easter is expected to deliver heavy snow along the eastern coast stretching from North Carolina to Massachusetts. Snow for all of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, and some parts of the mid-South and Ohio Valley.

Rain for southern Texas, most of Florida, central and south Georgia, and South Carolina.