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Rainy Day Fashion Tips to Keep You Dry and In-Style

Just because it’s raining out doesn’t mean you have to dress gloomy too. In fact, there are many fashionable ways to look your best no matter what the weather outside is like.

Here are some fashion tips for those rainy days to keep you in style and dry!


First, don’t think of your umbrella as something you just grab out of the closet because it’s raining. Instead, think of them as a fashion accessory to make your entire outfit pop.

Choose a few outfits that work well on rainy days and buy umbrellas to match and accessorize your full fashion look.


Dresses are perfect for rainy days and are a fashion statement every day of the year. When it’s raining, dresses are ideal as you don’t have to worry about the legs of your pants getting soaking wet. They are also perfect to accessorize with an umbrella and rain boots.

If it’s a bit chilly out, you can wear leggings under your dress to boost your fashion statement one more time.

If your leggings get wet, you can simply remove them and still look like a million bucks.


Don’t forget the coordinating handbag to go with your outfit and umbrella. Putting everything together is what will make the biggest fashion statement. Your shoes, umbrella, outfit and your handbag all play a role in your final look.

You’ll not only stay dry but feel great walking out on a rainy day.

Rain Boots

Skip the high heels and opt for some stylish rain boots. They’ll keep your feet dry and can look great as well. Much like umbrellas, rain boots come in all different colors, patterns and styles.

They are also an excellent fashion accessory that should not be overlooked when putting together the perfect outfit.

Trench Coats

I just love a perfectly orchestrated outfit topped off with a trench coat. My favorite rainy-day outfit includes a basic black umbrella, long black rain boots with black sheer leggings, skirt and top.

I then put on my beige trench coat and BAM. Not only does it keep me dry, but it looks fabulous and I feel great!

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