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Update and New Warnings Issued from Winter Storm Ulmer

Yesterday we reported on multiple areas under blizzard and winter storm warnings due to Winter Storm Ulmer. Today, the storm is intensifying, bringing major blizzard conditions and winds to the Plains.

The heavy snowfall and strength of the storm prompted new warnings to be issued across multiple states.

Updates to Warnings and Watches

Parts of the Denver metro area, as well as Scottsbluff, Nebraska; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Bismarck, North Dakota have been added to the list of cities under blizzard warnings. The storm has shifted slightly causing the warnings from northeastern Colorado into southwestern Wyoming previously under warnings to shift to eastern Wyoming instead.

High-wind advisories have also been added to the list of warnings and watches for a wide area of the Plains. This includes the areas from New Mexico and West Texas into the central Plains. Wind gusts over 60 mph are expected on Wednesday causing concern for power outages, falling trees, and travel.

Updates on Potential Road Closures and Travel

The snow and strong winds have also caused Interstate 80 in western Nebraska and Wyoming, as well as, Interstate 90 in western and central South Dakota to be added to the list of roads with the potential for closures. In the northern and central High Plains, with wind gusts ranging from 50 mph to 70 mph, high profile vehicles are ill-advised.

General Advisory Safety Information

Anyone traveling in areas under blizzard warnings, as well as storm warnings, and watches should be on high alert. Especially while driving, many weather events can cause unexpected delays, road closures, and accidents. For those flying in or through these areas, be sure to check for flight delays and cancellations.

It’s also necessary to be alert when at home and work. High winds often cause trees and branches to fall which can cause serious damage to building structures or anyone in their path. Be prepared at all times with the necessary supplies in the event of an extended power outage. Keeping your phones and other communication devices fully charged, as well as flashlights and other emergency gear on hand is recommended.

If you plan to travel by car, take a few moments to read our article, Winter Weather Checklist and Tool Kit For Your Car. It’s full of useful information on how to ensure your vehicle is prepared for winter weather travel and includes a checklist of items to make sure you have in your vehicle before you leave.

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