Top 5 Tips on Driving Safely in the Fog

Driving in fog can be scary and dangerous, especially if you aren’t used to it! Reduced visibility and road wetness are all factors that can contribute to accidents that are otherwise easily preventable.

We have our top 5 tips for how to drive in fog safely, and what you should do to stay safe on the road during these weather conditions.

#5: Turn on Your Lights…

Low beam headlights should always be on when you’re driving in foggy conditions, not only for your own personal visibility of the road ahead of you but for other cars. Your taillights will shine farther through the fog, so cars behind you can tell where you are sooner. This can save you from a nasty fender bender on a cold, dark night.

#4: …But Turn Off Your Brights!

Driving in fog safely is impossible if you have your brights on. It seems counterintuitive because you might think you want more light. However, the bright lights from your headlights will bounce off the moisture in the air, causing intense glare and actually reducing your visibility. Keep your low beams on, and if you have fog lights on your car, use those too.

#3: Use the Tools Your Car Has

Your windshield wipers and defrosters are there for a reason. Use them when driving through the fog! Built up moisture on your windshield can increase the glare, making it that much harder to see what is ahead of you. Keep your windshield as clean and moisture free as possible so you can see the foggy roads ahead of you.

#2: Keep Your Eyes on the Road

You should avoid driving distracted at all times, but especially when driving through fog. It is very easy to miss a road sign or a painted line and go the wrong direction, so keep your eyes focused forward to stay in your own lane, and ensure that you haven’t missed seeing someone on the road who didn’t follow our driving in fog safety topic article, and doesn’t have their headlights on.

#1: Drive Slowly and Safely!

This is a no-brainer, but it is so important. Even while on roads you are very familiar with, you should be driving slowly in foggy weather. Foggy conditions reduce visibility dramatically, and it’s very possible that you could miss seeing a car, an animal, or even a person walking on the road.

In addition, follow basic safety procedures and maintain a proper distance between you and the car ahead of you. Chances are, you can’t see much farther than that car so whatever is ahead could be a nasty surprise. Keep your speed lower and your distance in check, and save lives.