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14 Ft Waves Set to Pound Shorelines in Michigan

Lake Michigan is expected to be ravaged by intense winds and waves, along the coast from Frankfort to Beton Harbor. The waves might top 14 feet, with 10-foot waves expected by 10pm thanks to strong winds that will be impacting the area.

Strong Winds and Waves Expected to Hit Michigan on Wednesday Afternoon

Winds from the northwest that are gusting up to 50mph will travel along the waters of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron by late Wednesday afternoon on October 16, 2019.  This northwesterly flow will cause large waves to build up on the Michigan sides of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

The winds as a result of this storm will most likely cause water to be pushed over the piers, and into the rivers and channels – which will cause the rivers to rise.  Similar waves happened last weekend in the same area, but they are expected to be even larger this afternoon.

Beachgoers can expect to see the biggest impact between 4pm and when it becomes dark. Those in the area are advised to use extreme caution, and to avoid going near the shores if at all possible.

Shoreline Erosion May Become Significant

Residents are being warned that as we go into the fall and early winter months, that shoreline erosion may become more significant.  That’s because more beach erosion can occur when strong storms create higher winds.  Things to keep in mind about beach erosion is that it’s a natural process, and it mostly becomes a problem only when humans are involved.

Beach erosion is what happens when sand is moved away from the shore, and into deeper waters.  Over time, this can cause new cliffs to form where they didn’t exist before, and for the surrounding land to take on an entirely new landscape.

Some of the biggest issues involve structures and housing being built near the shorelines, because erosion can cause them to become damaged and even collapse.  Shoreline erosion can also cause damage to nearby roads.  Sand dunes are natural deterrents, but building along the coast can cause damage to them, which impacts their ability to prevent future erosion.

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