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California State of Emergency Declared: Wildfires

Twin blazes in the North and South of California are threatening lives and ravaging the countryside. Early Monday morning, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported that a wildfire, dubbed the Getty Fire, had broken out. Meanwhile, to the North, the Kindcade Fire continues to tear through the underbrush and pose a serious threat to human life.

In response to the flames, driven by high wind speeds and dry conditions, Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in California. According to Newsom, the strength of the fires was due to “the effects of unprecedented high-wind events which have resulted in fires and evacuations across the state.”

Newsom’s State of Emergency Declaration

The California governor addressed the people of his state in a press conference on Sunday evening. “We are deploying every resource available, and are coordinating with numerous agencies as we continue to respond to these fires.

It is critical that people in evacuation zones heed the warnings from officials and first responders, and have the local and state resources they need as we fight these fires,” he stated.

Kindcade Fire

The Kindcade Fire continues to rip through the northern parts of the state, and has resulted in numerous evacuations. Over 3,700 firefighting personnel are working to contain the blaze, though, according to official reports, the flame is only 5% contained at present.

Two firefighters were injured on Sunday as they fought to contain the conflagration. One had only minor burns, but another had burns severe enough to require an airlift to the hospital. “The Kincade Fire remains the most stubborn challenge we face,” Governor Newsom stated during the press conference on Sunday.

Getty Fire

Meanwhile, the southern region of the state is facing down the Getty Fire. The blaze started suddenly Monday morning at 2 A.M. and quickly spread. Numerous people were forced to evacuate their homes, including LA Laker LeBron James. The Getty Center, for which the fire is named, is not threatened by the flames.

As the blazes continue, major wind events are the primary force driving their spread. California is set to face hurricane-force offshore winds later in the weeks, which could lead to a catastrophic spread of the wildfires in both the north and south.

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