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Coastal Storm buffets pier and lighthouse

Nasty Weather Approaches East Coast as Week Begins

A nasty storm front still has some reinforcements rolling over the Atlantic towards the Coast. Coastal New England can expect a mix of winter weather with some flooding from Virginia to Southern New England.

The storm has already been causing some precipitation in the region over the weekend and is poised to head north along the coast through Monday evening.

Coastal Storm Makes a Northerly Turn

The storm from the ocean has been centered mainly on the Mid-Atlantic over the weekend, bringing heavy rain and some coastal flooding. However, throughout the day and into the evening Monday, the storm is expected to move northerly and the moisture will mix with cold air to bring a mix of winter weather to New England.

Freezing rain and some ice can be expected early Monday and throughout the day in parts of the Northeast. As the storm moves further north and cold air creeps into it, full-blown winter weather, including snowfall and ice accumulation, can be expected from Upstate New York all the way up into Northern New England.

Winter Weather Advisories in Effect

From Central Upstate New York to Bangor, Maine, there are winter weather advisories in place. Albany, Burlington, and Concord are some of the cities covered by the advisory, which warns of very nasty weather, snowfall and ice accumulation ahead Monday evening into Tuesday morning. Going into tomorrow, Boston will also be covered by the advisory.

According to forecasts, the snowfall won’t be terribly heavy, but the threat of ice accumulation could make road conditions unsafe. Residents in the area are urged to keep their eyes peeled for further updates on the storm, though it doesn’t appear to be a terribly disruptive system at the time of this writing.

Coastal Flooding Concerns

Meanwhile, a main concern of the storm is the coastal flooding from the Mid-Atlantic through to parts of Southern New England. Over the weekend, North Carolina’s Outer Banks saw moderate flooding. The region, which is still recovering from the flooding of Hurricane Dorian, was hardly prepared for yet another coastal storm.

On Sunday, some parts of New Jersey were flooded and some roadways were made impassable. Parts of NJ Route 147 and US 30 were flooded, though forecasts call for potentially more disruptive flooding in coastal areas.

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