Summerlike Record Heat along Southern Corridor of US Next 3 Days

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The heatwave that broke dozens of records for late March yesterday will continue to bring high temps to the southern latitudes of the US today and through the weekend, as the rising temperatures will reach the northeast by Sunday.

Record heat for March continues through the weekend

You might want to pick up the best body wash cream for dry skin because it’s going to be unseasonably hot today in the southern latitudes of the US today and continuing into the weekend.

Soaring temperatures yesterday broke dozens of heat records with temps in the mid to high 90s across Texas and Oklahoma, where one community reached triple digits.

The driving factor feeding the summerlike heat is a sharp curve of the jet stream over the northern US. The large ridge of high pressure is fostering sinking air and calm conditions providing the environment for abnormal heat.

More soaring temperatures expected today

The heatwave expands today lifting temperatures not only over the southern quarter, but shifting northward elevating highs in more states.

Unseasonably warm temperatures will be experienced as far north as Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and the southern areas of Indiana.

To the south, it’s going to be absolutely baking throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia – all of which could see temperatures reach the low 90s.

Florida will hit the low 90s in many areas today and may see even higher, record-shattering temperatures on Saturday.

The southeast is also going to see a warm-up, with high temperatures in Tennessee, the Carolinas, Kentucky, and the Virginias today.

US highs in major cities today

South: Houston 90, New Orleans 86, Little Rock 83, Memphis 78, Nashville 84, Birmingham 88, Montgomery 89, Jackson 87, Atlanta 85, Albany 91, Charlotte 82, Jacksonville 91, Tampa 92, Immokalee 93, Miami 82.

Central and Upper Midwest: Lubbock 83, Dallas 83, Oklahoma City 85, Kansas City 67, Minneapolis 56, Madison 55.

Southwest: Phoenix 65, Albuquerque 60, El Paso 75, San Antonio 89, Brownsville 91.

West: San Francisco 57 Los Angeles 67, Reno 48, Las Vegas 62, Salt Lake City 43, Denver 46.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 48, Portland 56, Boise 49, Billings 50, Cheyenne 35, Bismarck 54, Rapid City 45.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 50, St. Louis 73, Detroit 50, Cincinnati 65, Indianapolis 58.

East: Norfolk 76, Washington, D.C. 69, Buffalo 50, New York 66, Boston 59, Bangor 39.