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The Weather Channel and IBM have released a new coronavirus incident map that allows you to track the cases of COVID-19 online or via an app so you can find out where the hotspots are, and also where the virus isn’t, which may also help you with searching for a job, too.

What the coronavirus incident map can do

IBM and its subsidiary, the Weather Channel, debuted a coronavirus incident map that uses artificial intelligence to track the spread and the proliferation of the virus across the entire United States, state-by state and county-by County.

The map updates the information every 15 minutes.

The map shows the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases and virus-related deaths.

Details, details

The Weather Channel’s coronavirus map allows you to dig down deep into the details, as well as make comparisons.

For example, you can search a specific county and see not only how many COVID-19 cases there are, but compare new cases to the previous week.

You can even look at a graph that displays the daily progression of the virus, new cases and the number of deaths.

Available in an app or online, app has extended features

You can access the features of the coronavirus map on the Weather Channel’s website or through a new mobile app.

In addition, the mobile app also features safety tips from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as important related news articles.

Uses IBM Watson artificial intelligence

The interactive map is developed around smart software that uses computer-vision technology that scans and analyzes documents on government websites for information, including updated COVID-19 cases and fatalities.

This technology uses artificial intelligence to give it the ability to analyze which information is relevant and what isn’t. Using the computer-vision technology, it can even garner information from PDF files, which the government seems to favor.

These types of documents are typically difficult for computers to read.

Could this app help with your search for employment?

Not everywhere in the US is under lockdown. And even in places like Washington that have a high incident rate, in rural areas, people are still working.

For example, some construction workers are continuing to work on jobs where they are the only person there or are a significant distance away from another worker.

Having a coronavirus incident map will also show you areas were coronavirus is low or nonexistent. It could be a good place to search for jobs near me hiring by plugging in the ZIP Code to lesser affected areas.