Weather or a Virus Won’t Stop These Companies from Hiring 500K Workers

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We know that nothing stops the US Postal Service from making their deliveries, and with the whole country on stay-at-home orders, the nation’s top companies need delivery drivers and warehouse workers more than ever and plan to hire a half-million workers – this is very good news for those seeking employment.

Weathering the storm and a virus outbreak

It’s not the official motto of the US Postal Service – they don’t have an official motto, even though everyone assumes they do. We’ve all heard this mantra of postal workers: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

The idea is, no matter how bad the weather gets, postal workers will still brave the conditions and deliver your mail and packages.

Now, it’s not just weather that delivery persons have to brave – it’s an invisible virus that can kill.

Delivery is the biggest business of the moment

With most businesses temporarily shuttered, and practically the entire United States under stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, deliveries are the only way for some people to get what they need. Since you can’t go to your favorite store, it needs to find a way to come to you.

For the elderly, those most susceptible to the ravages of coronavirus, going to the grocery store can be a very risky proposition. For them, getting home deliveries is the safest move right now.

Compounding the problem, the shelves of many grocery stores have been wiped out and purchasing some items online is the only way to get them in certain areas.

All added up, getting items delivered is becoming the only way to get things in some places and the safest way to get things in most places.

This situation has created an unprecedented demand for delivery drivers, as well as warehouse workers to prepare and pack those deliveries.

Despite coronavirus stay at homeowners, the world’s biggest companies are hiring half a million workers right now

If you want to know who is hiring today jobs near me, we’ve got some good news. With most of the nation under stay-at-home orders, the demand is greater than ever for warehouse workers and delivery drivers.

Amazon said it plans to hire an additional 100,000 US warehouse and delivery workers, while Walmart is seeking to add an additional 150,000.

FedEx is hiring 400 employees to fight COVID-19 pandemic, as a big part of the company’s business is delivering medical supplies. Instacart also announced they plan to hire 300,000 additional workers.

On top of that, some companies are boosting wages in order to fill these jobs because their need is urgent.

On the downside, some workers are rightly concerned about exposure to coronavirus in the workplace and are pressuring employers to take extra precautions to protect workers.

It is highly likely that these employers will listen and take steps to better protect their workers and we could see local, state and government officials mandating such protections.