Socially Distanced Activities You Can Do as the Weather Gets Colder


Summer weather and warm temperatures have made it a lot easier to deal with COVID-19. Not only have we been able to do fun activities outside, but being outdoors has allowed us to have safer gatherings with the people we love.

From socially-distanced backyard barbecues to playing tennis with friends, it’s definitely easier to stay connected with loved ones when it’s nice outside.

But, as we head towards colder weather (aka snow, ice, and freezing temperatures), it’ll become more and more difficult to safely spend time with friends and family.

However, you don’t have to stop having safe gatherings just because the weather is changing. Here are a few activities you can do going into the fall and winter.

Gather Around the Fire Pit

Maybe you already have a fire pit on your back patio, but if you don’t, it could be a worthy investment this winter.

Fire pits range in prices, but you can usually find one between $50 to $200, and they are great for keeping you warm while also being outside. You can also make a basic one for less than $100 if you don’t mind an afternoon of work!

Invite a few friends over, space out some seating, and get cozy by the fire. Bring out extra blankets and comforters for more warmth, and enjoy a warm beverage while you’re at it!

Get Active

While exercising in the cold is not nearly as enjoyable as exercising when it’s nice outside, it can still be done.

Invite your friends for a nice fall hike or go on a bike ride, as long as the weather cooperates. Not to mention, if you live somewhere where you’re able to ski or snowboard, do that too!

There should still be enough decent days temperature-wise in October and November, so stay active with friends!

Take Advantage of Snow Days

If you have snow in your area, take advantage of the fresh powder and get out sled! Invite your friends and family, find the nearest big hill in your area, and have some fun. 

We’ll all need any excuse we can find to spend time outside this winter, so make sure to enjoy the snow too.

Eat Out… Safely

It’s going to be more and more challenging for restaurants to allow outdoor seating as it gets colder, but plenty of places are investing in tents, heating lamps, and other ways to keep the space warm.

If there’s a restaurant in your area that has a great outdoor seating option, invite a friend and go have a nice night out! 

You may have to plan in advance and book a reservation, as tables will probably be limited, but it’ll make for a fun evening.