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Another Blast of Winter This Week Snow from California to the Northeast

Winter is dishing out another round of snow this week, just days before we head into spring, with snow as far west as Southern California on Monday extending into the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast.

Another round of snow this week

A sign that winter isn’t ready to quit couldn’t be any clearer when snowstorms will dip as far west and south as Southern California on Monday, with continuing snow for many areas of the West, as well as a vast ice storm for the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley. Snow is expected to stretch into parts of the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley, where an ice storm is also forecast. Snowy conditions could stretch into parts of the Northeast on Monday and the likelihood will increase by midweek.

Accident lawyers are advising people to be extra cautious this week as a number of ice storms are forecast across the nation and will make driving treacherous.

Here’s a look at the winter weather forecast over the next three days…

Monday winter weather forecast

In the West, a brief cold system is expected to move through the Southland bringing rain, snow and gusty winds, ABC 7 LA reported. Snow is expected to dip down as low as 3000 feet making driving hazardous on mountain roads and along Interstate 5, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported. The NWS has also forecast isolated snowstorms for parts of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

In the Midwest, heavy snow is forecast over portions of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

A wintry mix will stretch over the northern tier of the US affecting the upper Midwest, Ohio Valley and portions of the mid-Atlantic.

An ice storm is forecast over portions of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana Michigan and Ohio.

Winter weather alerts for Monday

The National Weather Service has issued the following alerts for Monday:

Winter storm warning: southwest Oregon; northern, north-central, east-central and northeastern California; Northeastern Wyoming; northern, southeastern and northeastern South Dakota; northern and central Nebraska; southern Minnesota; central, north-central, eastern and northeastern Iowa; northwestern Illinois; southwestern Wisconsin.

Winter weather advisory: Southern and South-Central Iowa; northern, eastern, central and southern California; southern Nevada; northern and central Arizona; central and eastern South Dakota; northern Nebraska; southern Minnesota; western and southern Wisconsin; central and eastern Iowa; northern Illinois.

Tuesday winter weather forecast

The snowstorms in the West will become larger and more widespread on Tuesday, stretching over portions of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

In the Midwest, snow is expected over portions of Nebraska and South Dakota, and a wintry mix over portions of the Dakota’s, Minnesota and Iowa.

In the East, ice storms over Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. Snow is forecast over portions of New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts Vermont and New Hampshire.

Wednesday winter weather forecast

In the West, snow over Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and into the upper Midwest affecting portions of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. A wintry mix is forecast over southern Oregon and Northern California, the southern and central Midwest into portions of the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley.

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