Cooler, Drier Weather for Rest of July for Most of US, Hotter for Some

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Less than half the US will see above-average temperatures over the next 8-14 days, particularly the northern Rockies and upper Midwest. Most of the nation will see less precipitation except for parts of the West, NWS says.

Temperature and precipitation outlook over the next 14 days

It will be cooler and drier for most of the nation, according to the latest predictions by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS) who has released its 8-14 day temperature and precipitation outlooks spanning July 25-July 31, 2021. Here’s a look at the specifics.

Temperature outlook for the remainder of July

Slightly less than half the nation could see above-normal temperatures for the remainder of July, while slightly over half the country should see temperatures below-normal, according to the latest CPC/NOAA/NWS 8-14 day temperature outlook.

Above normal temperatures:

60% or greater chance of above-normal temperatures: Northern and eastern Montana, North Dakota, Northern South Dakota, northwestern Minnesota.

Over 50% chance of above-normal temperatures: western and southern Minnesota; South Dakota; northern Nebraska; eastern Washington; central and western Oregon; northeastern California; northern Nevada; northern Wyoming.

Over 40% chance of above-normal temperatures: central and southern California; central and northeastern Nevada; central Wyoming; eastern Alabama; Georgia; South Carolina; Florida; southern North Carolina.

Below normal temperatures:

50% chance of below-normal temperatures: northeastern New York, Vermont, western New Hampshire.

40% chance of below-normal temperatures: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Long Island, New York, north-central and eastern Pennsylvania; New Jersey; extreme southeastern California; Arizona; southeastern Utah; southwestern Colorado; eastern New Mexico.

Precipitation outlook for the remainder of July

The vast majority of the nation should see normal or near-normal precipitation levels throughout the remainder of July, except for the normally-dry West, which has been experiencing increased precipitation that may continue throughout the month.

Many people moved to Western areas for the dry climate, but the precipitation can flare up arthritis, sending sufferers seeking pain relief arthritis symptoms can exacerbate.

Above normal precipitation

40% chance of above-normal precipitation: eastern Nevada; Utah; southwestern and south-central Wyoming; eastern Colorado; northern Arizona; northwestern New Mexico.

33% chance of above-normal precipitation: Central and western Nevada; southern Idaho; central and northern Wyoming; central Colorado; northern and eastern Arizona; western and central New Mexico; extreme western Texas.

Below normal precipitation:

40% chance of below-normal precipitation: central and eastern Kansas; Oklahoma; southwestern Missouri; central and western Arkansas; central and eastern Texas; Louisiana.