Ida Moves across South, Widespread Flash Flood Threats to East and West

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Downgraded Tropical Depression Ida will move north bringing severe weather and a flooding threat from the South to the Northeast, while strong thunderstorm activity in the West brings flash flood threat.

Plus: more than a million without power in Louisiana and thousands powerless elsewhere as could take weeks to recover, which could hamper rescue efforts as people have no way to charge cellphones.

Ida will bring significant flooding risk through Friday

Ida weakens to a tropical depression, will still have a major impact on Eastern US

Ida has weakened to a tropical depression and is moving across Mississippi. The storm will move into the Midsouth on Tuesday night and into the mid-Atlantic by Wednesday evening. By late Wednesday, early Tuesday, the storm will move over the mid-Atlantic, Penn-Live reported.

Ida is forecast to bring localized to widespread flash flooding, small river and stream flooding, as well as urban flooding water-covered roads, the National Weather Service warned.

Flash flood threat for South, mid-South, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast on Tuesday

Tropical depression Ida and thunderstorms will bring a significant risk of flash flooding that stretches from the South to the northeast.

A flood advisory has been issued for Tuesday by the National Weather Service (NWS) for southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, southern Alabama, and the western Florida Panhandle.

The NWS has issued a flash flood watch for the following areas for Tuesday: western Florida Panhandle, Alabama, northeastern Mississippi, northwestern and northern Georgia; west-central, central and eastern Tennessee, northwestern South Carolina, western North Carolina, central and eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia, West Virginia, southern Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., southern and eastern Pennsylvania; New Jersey; southern New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts.

5 states under flash flood threat in Southwest and West

Strong thunderstorm activity will place a vast area of the Southwest and West under the threat of flash flooding on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash flood watch for the following areas on Tuesday: southern, southeastern, and desert areas of California; southern Nevada; Arizona; western and north-central New Mexico; southern and central Utah; western Colorado.

Over 1.1 million without power in the East, expected to increase, could take weeks to recover

Over a million people are without power in Louisiana, as well as nearly 60,000 and Mississippi, 13,000 in Virginia, and nearly 11,000 in Alabama, according to as of early Tuesday.

The president of electricity provider Entergy Corp. said it could take at least three weeks to restore power, Zero Hedge reported.

One of the most significant problems is that people have no way to recharge cellphones which could prevent them from getting the emergency help they need.

In Louisiana and Mississippi, utility poles have been flattened and toppled trees fell onto power lines, causing transformers to explode. According to CP24, at least 2,000 miles’ worth of transmission lines were knocked out of service, as well as 216 substations.