Flood Threat to 4 States in Central US, Winter Weather and Blizzard in West

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Thunderstorms over the central US will bring the threat of flooding to at least four states, while winter weather continues in the West with heavy snow moving into the upper Midwest and a blizzard warning and more.

Thunderstorms will bring flooding threat to central US

Thunderstorms stretching from Texas to Canada, showers to the southern plains, Midwest, upper Midwest, and Ohio Valley on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning of heavy rain with the potential for flash flooding over at least four states including portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. The NWS has issued a flash flood watch over southern, central and northeastern Texas, as well as southeastern Oklahoma.

Winter weather in West, heavy snow extends into upper Midwest, blizzard warning

Mixed precipitation and snow was forecast by the NWS over the northern tier of the West on Tuesday, with heavy snow extending from Montana and Wyoming into the Dakotas and a blizzard warning for parts of Wyoming and Nebraska.

Snow was forecast over central and eastern Idaho; western, southern and southeastern Montana; much of Wyoming; northern Utah, Northwestern and western Colorado.

Heavy snow was forecast over the eastern portion Montana, extending into the Dakotas, as well as northeastern Wyoming.

Mixed precipitation was forecast over much of Washington and Oregon, northern California, northern Nevada, southern and northern Idaho, northern Utah, central and eastern Montana, as well as the western Dakotas and northeastern Nebraska.

Winter weather alerts

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued the following winter weather alerts for Tuesday:

Blizzard warning: southeastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.

Winter storm warning: eastern and southeastern Montana; western, central and eastern Montana; western North Dakota; western South Dakota.

Winter weather advisory: northeastern Montana; western North Dakota; western South Dakota; northeastern Wyoming.

Eastern forecast

Most of the South, Southeast, and mid-Atlantic will be clear on Tuesday.

Thunderstorms are forecast over most of Florida with the exception of the northwest portion of the state and the Panhandle.

Rain is forecast over portions of northern Pennsylvania, much of New York, central and northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire, and western Maine.

Winter and summer weather clashing to deliver severe storms in central US, tornadoes possible

As wintry weather moves over the West, this cooler than average air is clashing with warmer air in the east, colliding in the central US where it’s causing an outbreak of severe storms, bringing flash flooding and the potential of tornadoes at least until Thursday, WLWT reports.

Take precautions for severe weather

Make sure to have cellphones charged and a battery backup charger should severe storms or flash flooding lead to power outages. Your cell phone is your lifeline.

For more information on preparing for severe weather visit these US government websites for articles on preparedness at: