October Weather Outlook: Warmer Than Average Temps for Most of US

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Temperatures are expected to spike toward August-like heat in some northern areas, while most of the US will see above-average conditions during October, with the exception of the extreme West, Arizona, and Florida.

The factor driving the above-average temperatures is the development of La Niña, which forecasters say will emerge this fall and continue into winter. La Niña is when equatorial Pacific Ocean waters cool, and depending on its strength, can influence global weather patterns, particularly in the US. When a La Niña has developed in October, the typical result is above-average temperatures across much of the lower 48.

However, at the same time, areas along the West Coast and Gulf coasts will typically experience cooler than average conditions. Forecasters say such a scenario closely matches the current outlook for October.

October forecast: Above-average temps for most of lower 48

With the exception of the extreme West, Arizona, and Florida, it may not feel like fall in the lower 48. Most of the nation should expect temperatures above normal during the month of October, according to the latest forecast by the Weather Company.

August-like heat in October for 7 states

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Forecasters say you can expect the most above temperatures to bring August-like heat in the northern tier of the central US during October. The affected areas will be northeastern Montana, North Dakota, central and eastern South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern and central Michigan, and northern Iowa.

Other areas experiencing significantly above average temps

Northern latitudes are where most of the above-average temperatures will be happening during October. Other areas that can expect significantly above average temperatures are central and eastern Montana, northeastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, northern Kansas, central and northern Missouri, central and northern Illinois, central and northern Indiana, southern Michigan, Ohio, northern West Virginia and Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Areas experiencing cooler than average temperatures

The extreme West will see significantly below-average temperatures for most of California and southern Arizona.

Below-average temperatures for Washington, Oregon, Northern California, eastern and southern Nevada, central and northern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, extreme western and extreme southern Texas, southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, and Florida.

The states with average temperatures in October

Idaho, Western Montana, central and western Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, central and northern Arizona, most of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, most of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, most of Virginia and West Virginia.